Shipping Policy

Orders Above and Below 20 Dollars

Any order over 20 Dollars will be shipped for free! Orders under 20 dollars have to pay a certain amount of shipping costs. Feel free to take a look in our shop to see if there is something small you like, so you don't have to pay shipping costs!

Your patience will be rewarded by us

As soon as you order a product, we always ship it directly from the factory to the delivery address you entered. This means we do not need a storage and distribution warehouse and can usually offer you 30-75% lower prices. As a result, it sometimes takes a little longer for the product to be delivered to your home (6-10 working days). However, this longer shipping time does not outweigh the many advantages such as: Always the lowest price, free shipping with track & trace, the best customer service and much more...

In other words: wait a little longer, for the best deals at maximum discount.

Of course, your experience is our top priority. We believe that every customer is special and that's why we strive for 100% satisfaction, every time you buy something from us.


As you could read above, our products are shipped directly from the supplier. Because of this they don't have to pass us first, before you buy them. The products travel a shorter route, which reduces CO2 emissions and is therefore better for the environment! In addition, we do not do unnecessary or luxury packaging. We want to prevent that we participate in so-called "air transport", where people use far too large packaging, so you literally transport air. And these are thrown away again, aren't they? Also because of our packaging method we can keep the costs low.